To me, Designing is in between boundaries, inter-disciplines, and Universal. Design, Nature’s language of the phenomenon of evolution. My struggle started when I knew how big I am missing all these things that seemed fundamental to it. I started learning, moving from one branch to another, from biomimicry to bionics, from sculpting and fine arts to programming and data science.
M.Sc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
M.Sc.  in Information Technology/ Digital Tech Concentration
M.Sc.  in Architecture/ Material System Concentration
M.Arch.  in Architecture Technology/ Bionic Concentration
Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes/ Internal Entrepreneurship/ Machine Learning/ Complex Adaptive Systems/ Code and Control in Robotics/ Architecture Geometry.
Redefining Interactive Space through Physical Computing and Machine Learning./ Bionic inspired Robotic Research Center with Concentration on Dynamic Structures.
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