A rich cultural space for social events to take place plays as a creative platform for society is the design goal of the “Event Space’ project. As a result of architectural redefinition, city planning reintroduced such event spaces by rescaling, replacing, and removing needed sites to embrace potentials of spaces. 
This complex mixture of users and history entwined with its location to revive creativity itself. For  architecture to support such goals needs to reintroduce the event space according to notions and perspectives within such a mixture. To achieve these goals Fabrics as the minimal medium that needs not much of intervention with the site is proposed. 
Designing in the following context involves formal and geometrical reconfigurations according to its refined and redefined function as “contemporary event space.”

Site Design Development

Fabric Form Finding

Outdoor fabric structures moderate the light, wind, and rain. They are making it possible for any events to hold. 
Inter-relations of spaces, neighbor spaces, requires both functional and formal interaction. The Fabrics provide that smooth medium to not only cover the ceilings but also made interaction possible in-between spaces.

Section View

Corridor Views of Galleria

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